Green EP

by White Oak



released April 4, 2013



all rights reserved


White Oak Glen Ellyn, Illinois

husband and wife playing mellow acoustic rambling patchwork tapestry with zero or more people

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Track Name: Pasadena
Pasadena I didn't mean you harm
I was passing through
I was passing by your charms

I was playing my part, I was playing my part
By the pachysandra, past the pear and the old palm tree.
Fresh gardena in the air and you say you warned me
That it falls apart, you said I'd fall apart. We all fall apart. yeah it falls apart.

California I sure have worn you well
I got nothing for you but the blood that I'm trying to sell
Since you broke my heart
Since you broke my heart
Yeah you broke my heart
Since you broke my heart

I've loosed the love that left me, the lavender that laid me low
Yeah I'd be lucky if you let me, honey could you let me know
Please, Chicago
Track Name: Let The Birds Sing
By the time you get here all the birds will sing he's done and gone home
Cross the Buena Vista, marking miles, how the boy has done grown

So let the birds sing: La la la, la la, la la la … (repeat)

(You say) let 'em drown in dollars, digging down, dredging all those cents
(I say) We gotta love our neighbors but I'm glad they bought the real big fence
still we hear'm sing: Chorus (lalala's)

The Coleus in the Columbarium
Past their peak, the cold is killing'm
(and you don't care to know but) Winter's perching on the power lines
and he'll be here before you know it's time.

(So I think we ought to) take the shortest line, I'll get the good wine and let it all go
Wrap up in those vines and smoke our minds until we find that flow
(and we start to sing)

La la la, la la, la la la … (repeat)
Track Name: Green
Green by the water… rage with me fretful
Dimly lit quarter… rehearse here forgetful
There's green in the world…. runner-up rally
H O R S… at a lay-up party

Love is a blanket… all green and thread-bare
Measuring distance, would you please take care .
Take Care…. Take good care. Take care.

There's Green in our minds, lover unfold me
There's rain on the breeze, take in and behold me
There's Green in our bellies, brother you know it
Fuzzy headed poet, go on take it you own it