Frightened Man EP

by White Oak



mellow acoustic rambling patchwork tapestry


released June 4, 2012

©2011 Seth Allison



all rights reserved


White Oak Glen Ellyn, Illinois

husband and wife playing mellow acoustic rambling patchwork tapestry with zero or more people

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Track Name: Prairie Nights
It's just no good to be alone.
If she's not there when I get home
I'll lay me down, and just get stoned
No it's not good to be alone. It's just no good to be alone
And it's no good to feel this way
at the end of my day
Something hurts, but I can't say
It's just not good to feel this way. It's just no good to feel this way.

And if it stings just a little in the middle when you hear this song
right behind your ribs as your chest tries to sing along
Just grab what you can and hold it till you can't hang on.
Cause Jesus may love you but the february nights are long

It's just no good to be afraid
to be someone I just portray
I'll close the blinds, and draw the shades
No it's no good to be afraid. It's just no good to be afraid
Track Name: Safe
I want to live
in the center of
a giant labyrinthine forest
of pine

In the heart of
of an evergreen
boughs will weave between
the branches
of home
of home
of home

Until the sun and
rain can't penetrate
the wind just demonstrates
the shelter
I have found

And in the evening
I'll watch the sun go down
while the moon grows round
and brighter
marking time
marking time
marking time

How the owl sings
and I'm listening
now the crickets call
the cantor
and I reply
I reply
I reply
I reply
I reply
Track Name: This Light
Fire trucks sweat on the 4th of July
The parade rolls over, bowls on by
The bees in the trees and the scrapes on our knees
are all that shine in this light

Take in the ivy through the leaded glass
the fading light as all the trees go black
the deepening dark, like the death of a spark
my reflection just staring back

Hallelujah come the top of the hour
Your marigolds in a sumer sun shower
the wind in the wheat and the grass on your feet
is all that shines in this light

Close the stove to make the coals go red
close your ears to hear the rain on your head
scour the hours of these radiant showers
each drop blazing bright
Track Name: Crum Creek
I had forgotten the beginning of the story
But that's no matter, this womb or another

She was a bright sun, with a key under her pillow
hiding a bold child, thirsty as a willow

Flesh to earth, to flesh again
The caves that I have sheltered in
I feel the wind come up through the pine
I smell the earth where Crum Creek winds
where Crum Creek winds

I climbed on mountains even as I learned to stand still
to beg that bright light, from a far, so fragile
Fear I remembered, but I swear I couldn't feel it
A full moon frightened, when my sun began to orbit

I had forgotten, the beginning of the story
We're born to bright stars, in search of our own glory
Track Name: I'm Done
It might get better, it will certainly get worse
Holster your pain and call off the search
My memories are slides… the projectors been cursed
I won't see it till you see it first

I... I'm done, being undone, yeah I'm done
Breathe in, breathe out. Now do it some more
magic mirror lies flat on the floor
My mind resigned and my senses dispersed
I won't say it till you say it first

And if you don't believe me
I will have to show you
And if you don't believe me
I promise I will show you

How I've worn down to paper and bone
I'm giving up on being alone